OK, you’ve gone over this trailer for 2 hours with a fine-tooth comb. So I know you’re interested  .  .  .  by the way, how do ya’ like those wide white-walls?      the Tradewind’s previous owner

It was July 4th weekend, 2006, Wally Byam’s birthday. I bought my first Airstream. I hadn’t yet a clue who Wally Byam was. The following weekend I was towing for the first time in my life. Towing my first Airstream home.

Using R.J. Dial’s value guide as a reference point, the 1960 Tradewind is mostly original and in very good average condition.  It’s technology was still unmodified and intact.  Before messing with anything, I took photos of everything I could. Just in case I screwed something up.

The old faithful Tradewind is like a well-loved home.  It has its quirks and issues, and some things have been replaced over the years.  Right now it is the “go-to” trailer when I’ll be in one spot for an extended time, travel in the hot summer, or just need some extra room.  I cut my vintage Airstream teeth on the Tradewind and it has taught me well.