You know, Doug Rowbottom is working on a Bambi that he might be willing to sell. You better jump on it though, call him tonight. Hey, I get a finder’s fee for this!           Paul Waddell

The 1963 Bambi is nearly all original. What isn’t, Doug reproduced to where one can hardly tell the difference. It’s a perfect little time capsule, escape pod, and decompression chamber rolled into one tiny towable package.

No built-in air conditioner makes it a three-season trailer for me here in the South.  So easy to hitch and go, it is perfect for short get-aways or caravans.  Being the smallest self-contained vintage model produced by Airstream plus its low power draw, it is a little boondocking machine.

Some would say three Airstreams are just too much. You can only use one at a time. Yes, but there are different times for using each one. I love my Bambi!

Many of these photos were taken by Doug before and during his work. Paul is still waiting for his finder’s fee.