One is not enough.

Airstreams have been fascinating to me since I was a kid. I would sit in my Grandpa’s window situated on US 1 in south Florida watching them go by, more so in the winter. The passion smoldered until 2006 when I found my first after nearly two years of research and investigation. It didn’t stop there. Ah, aluminitis. Such an insidious affliction!  Now I have three; a 1960 Tradewind, a 1963 Bambi, and Elvis, a 1956 Sovereign of the Road.

With a good deal of encouragement from fellow Airstreamers, I entered the blogosphere after leaving Elvis with Trailer Buff for his extreme makeover.  Traveling with Elvis is about all things Airstream, owning vintage, traveling, restoring, and keeping them healthy.  Add to that a few road trips, side trips, favorite spots, foodie finds, friends, fun, and a some slices of whatever life has to offer.

Life with vintage Airstreams isn’t always a piece of cake. However, the joy is in the experience. There’s no telling what’s over the next hill and down the road.

Sugarfoot? The name was attached to my child dog and favorite traveling buddy, Ms. Lulu Sugarfoot. That’s her with the mud on her nose.   She lived life to the fullest right up to her last few weeks on earth.  Her sweet spirit was set free August 22, 2012.  I miss her terribly.

It became my forum name on Airforums, the best online Airstream community ever, and often my handle with many Airstreamers that I know.