I Wish She Could Have Lived Forever

My sunshine, Lulu Sugarfoot.   My Search and Rescue partner and Airstreaming BFF.  My beautiful, fun-loving, good time girl.

Lulu was a survivor, the runt of the litter, nearly killed by a sibling.  Laughter was her favorite sound.  She would bring me her favorite purple monkey squeezing it over and over to make it kiss and say “I love you”.  A true opportunist, she reasoned from cause-to-effect working things into her advantage.  Stubborn, high drive, tough as nails.  She lived life wide open without regret and wore her little heart on her sleeve.  She grieved hard for months after we lost Maggie, her pack mate.   Her one great terror was thunderstorms.  Lulu was my child dog, my heart’s delight.

Her appearance never betrayed her age.  But within the 7 weeks since the horrible derecho storm in Virginia, she deteriorated scary fast.   There must have been severe pain before now but somehow she hid it well.  Suddenly, she couldn’t.  The evilness robbed her of sleep and sanity in spite of every treatment we tried.  Then her hind quarters began to fail completely.

August 22, 2012.    She woke me at 4:32 AM.  We went outside on the deck under the stars and talked.  She kissed my face, and in her own way she gently told me it was time.  Just after sunrise her sweet, tragic, happy-go-lucky spirit was set free.   She would have been 14 years old in January.

Run, baby girl, run!  Run from the demons.  Run, baby, run .   .   .   .  run to the river.

My sunshine is gone.  My heart is broken wide open.  The profound emptiness just won’t go, I miss her terribly.

(music by Nickelback, “If  Today was Your Last Day”, from Dark Horse, published by WMG )

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