Bling for the King

Who better to ask about re-chroming than the professionals in the auto restoration business?  So I talked to my good friends at Coker Tire.  The guys in the resto shop immediately pointed me towards Atlantic Coast Plating.   Awesome!  They’re located just up the road in Athens, TN.  I gathered up the bits for Elvis and headed on up.

Wonderful people at Atlantic Coast Plating, just a pleasure to talk with.  They once owned an Airstream too.  They still love them and wanted to know all about Elvis.   Everything from Harley pieces to Model A headlights, a waiting menagerie of pitted metal was stacked in boxes in front of  a packed display case full of examples of their work.  They gave me a quick tour of the shop.


It’s a triple plating process.  Items are stripped down to the base metal, then a layer of copper is added.  Finally, the multi-step process of plating and buffing to a high shine.  It is an impressive operation. The results speak for themselves.

The bits were left in their care, but I decided to take the Bargman H20-2 handle back home with me.  A local locksmith had reworked and keyed it and I decided not to chance messing up a good thing.  Sometimes the enemy of “good” is “better”.

In less then 2 weeks Elvis’s bits and pieces were ready and the cost was much more reasonable than I expected.  A vintage lighted Bargman grab bar I won on eBay, a gorgeous porch light cover possibly from a Spartan (many thanks to Steve Burrows for this piece), and a few salvageable pieces from Elvis himself.  All bright and shiny like the day they were born.  I dropped them off at Trailer Buff.


Atlantic Coast Plating even plated the license tag holder’s washers and bolts.  They replied, “If it’s original and you send it with your order, it’s going to get plated.  Anyone doing a true restoration will want EVERYTHING to be original, right down to the bolts.”

Ah, ha. This attention to detail is what brings their customers back, time and time again.

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