Throw Down the Welcome Mat

Welcome to Traveling with Elvis, now a self-hosted blog and website powered by WordPress and hosted by Bluehost.  Please update your bookmarks, links, and blog readers to

Google Blogger has been a wonderful thing.  However, blogs tend evolve given enough time.   Migrating to a new platform will better suit my needs over the long haul.  Along with a new look, you will find more features to help navigation on the new site.    There are page tabs for each Airstream and I plan to add a few more bits and pieces over time.  I’m still learning how to get the most from WordPress so things may change up as I find better ways to do things.

Migrating a blog flawlessly is not strong within my skill set.  It has been a continual learning experience.  All of the original blog posts have been brought into WordPress, but I’m still working on bringing in all the images.  One-to-one mapping of each link and post, however, is something I may never achieve.  But I’m trying.

Remember, Google Blogger site traffic is now redirected to this site.  Please update your bookmarks, links, and blog readers to  If you use an RSS feed, check the top right sidebar for the link.  You can also follow Traveling With Elvis by email notification.  Your address will remain private (no spam from me).  Anonymous post comments without entering an email address are currently allowed.  Just skip those fields.   If you find something isn’t coming across properly on your web browser, please let me know.

To all my blog readers, thank you.  Some of you (and you know who you are) encouraged me to enter the blogosphere when I started this adventure with Elvis.  Despite my skepticism of putting any part of my life out on the web, I gave it a shot.  Nearly four years later, I’m still blogging and  I’m still having  fun with it.  So again, thanks.

By the way, the cool Airstream doormat is available at the Airstream Store online.