Happy Hunting Grounds – The Guardian Returns

Back up to winter 2011.  Remember the Great Horned Owl we fished out of the river and sent to rehab?  This clearing was his home base.  Thanks to the good people at Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, he recovered from parasites, infected eyes and toes, and near starvation.  After passing mouse school he was released on December 1, last year in Milldale Hollow.  He is back home.

When found, his eyes were tired, listless, pleading, “Please help me.”  So weak he didn’t even put up a fight.

Paul Waddell said his eyes were as big as headlights before release.  He was so strong he nearly pulled Heather off the ground.  See for yourself.  Paul captured a video of the event which he gave me in March.  Start the video then double-click it to get the full screen effect.

The guardian is back in his happy hunting grounds.  Occasionally the residents of the hollow catch sight of him. May he live long and stay well.

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