Beans, Beans . . .

You probably know the rest.  In these parts, Bush’s knows beans.  While visiting Jim and Regina on Douglas Lake, we went to the Chestnut Hill plant which has been in operation since 1904.  I have to admit, there is a distinct odor in the air around Chestnut Hill.

With the Tradewind I made a quick trip for another Dutch Oven Gathering on the lake.


There is never a lack of good food with this bunch.  Dutch oven cooks know how to eat well.  Sometime’s the secret’s in the sauce.

Yesterday we made a trip just up the road to to check out the Bush Brothers bean factory.  Who knew beans could be such a tourist attraction.  The parking lot was packed.


Bush’s has done a great job preserving their past.  The old family trucks have been restored and are on display.  The original mercantile owned by A.J. Bush is now a well-appointed museum and gift shop.


The plant is expanding and is an model for being  “green” in the industry.  Everything from water to cardboard is re-purposed or recycled.   And there is a restaurant on site that is worth a stop for the pinto bean pie alone.

If you’ve ever seen a Bush’s Beans commercial then you’re familiar with Duke, the family pet that tries to peddle the Secret Family Recipe for fun and profit.  Turns out Duke likes to travel in vintage too.