Opening the Can

It started around New Year, 2007.  The Florida Can Opener, a “little gathering” that has escalated into a New Year’s tradition for many.  I’ve missed a few years, but this time 2012 worked out in the scheme of things.  Those are friends in the 310 and 345 Classic Moho’s.  When I was the rocking horse in the caravan of three, I felt like baby sister Bambi protected by her big brothers. Baby has muscle!
In spite of forgetting to pick up my camera most days, here’s a few shots from 2012 Florida Can Opener.  No apologies, but it seems I was more focused on socializing than photography.

As a charter member of the Florida Can Opener club, I can say it seems to get better and better every time.  Many thanks to the many Airstreamers that make this gathering possible.  May everyone have a healthy and prosperous 2012.

Photo by Linda of “LuckyDucks”