The Doormen

On July 31, 1956, Johnny was here.  So was Tony.  Are they still alive?  If only they could see Elvis now.

These sections came from underside of the exterior door panels of Elvis.  Johnny Alonzo and Tony Villa left their marks on their work.  I’m guessing they were involved in final assembly as Dale “Pee Wee” Schwamborn tells me he clearly remembers that a thick-mustached man named Mario manned the door jigs for the California factory during that time period.
Apparently, it was Johnny’s custom to leave his mark according to this thread and another thread on   His handwriting style evolved somewhat over the years, but he always included a date.
Not sure about Tony.  Regardless, this is a way cool piece of evidence confirming that Elvis was one of the last Airstreams, and quite possibly the last Sovereign of the Road, to roll out of the Main Street factory in Los Angeles.  In September of 1956, the L.A. plant closed and operations were moved to the Norwalk address.  The production of the California whale tail Airstreams ended as well.
The door and door-within has been re-skinned and is ready for the final rivets.  I wonder if Dave, Joey, or Frank left their marks?
On second thought, their signatures are all over Elvis.

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