Summer Synopsis

Labor Day typically signifies the end of all things summer so what better time to go through the summer’s photos.  Especially since the south is in a record-breaking deluge today thanks to tropical storm Lee, no outdoor activities here.  If I were a 4th grader, this would be my “What I did this summer” assignment.
Early summer, or was it late spring?  No matter, it was a small get-together at one of my favorite spots courtesy of the Waddell’s.   We feasted on early summer favorites, fresh picked strawberries, raspberries, home-grown asparagus, fresh heirloom tomato bruschetta, and discovered that a 20 year-old Cabernet can be very nicely balanced.
It only takes a few to make a rally.

And any good rally has kids.

The continuous cloud cover obscuring the Blue Ridge was nearly the most stressful part of the weekend.  A little misty fog in one’s life isn’t all that bad in the whole scheme of things.
I had a couple of occasions to visit my good friends at Coker Tire this summer.  This little 1957 Isetta in the service lobby gave me opportunity to see just how cramped Pee Wee Schwamborn’s 6 foot plus frame must have been driving one of these from New York to Los Angeles for Wally Byam.

This summer Mr. Coker has added another sweet little vintage number to his collection.  A 1937ish Masterbuilt travel trailer, all original, in awesome condition without any restoration effort.  He didn’t repaint it, it came this way, and it’s a perfect match to his 1937 Packard (I think that is the correct year).  Gotta love all the original water decals.  You can always count on something to delight the eye when you visit Coker Tire.

Rick and I (mostly Rick) gave the Tradewind a long overdue polish to prep for the Route 11 Caravan.  God love him, even the roof.  Only the very best of friends would say, “Next time we polish the Airstream .  .  . ”  He is every bit of that.
The Historic Route 11 Caravan was the Airstream highlight of my summer.  The brain child of Paul Waddell along with Hunt Jones and myself in supporting roles, it came off elegantly.  Seven days, from Bristol, TN to Alexandria Bay, NY in the 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrence.  Six Airstreams from start to finish along with several more joining at points in between.

Our group was low key, no agenda, no kitty fee, no hardcore plans, just show up at the designated campground by 8PM or we’ll send out a search party.  Everyone paid their own way for whatever they wanted to do and everyone got to do exactly what they wanted.  If you have never caravanned like this before, you should at the first opportunity.  I WILL be doing this again.

After the caravan I spent some time in my favorite driveway and Lulu spent some one-on-one with her favorite young lady playing in the Shenandoah River.  A stop by the cabin and Trailer Buff on the way home was a perfect ending to nearly three great weeks.

Mom celebrated her 83rd in July.  I’m glad I still have my Mom.  I hope she’s around for many more.

My standout memory of this summer is a sound.  Hunt Jone’s truck on the Route 11 Caravan.  Hunt and Susan were usually out of camp before anyone else.  If you weren’t awake yet and you heard this sound, you better get up and get a move on. The throaty rumble of the Jimmy made me feel all was well, it’s going to be another great day.

That pretty much sums up summer.  Can’t wait for the next one!

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