The Debris Field

This is a portion of the debris cloud contents dropped on my property during the epic tornado outbreak we experienced on Wednesday, April 27, 2011.  Destroyed homes along with personal histories. The  death and devastation is unparalleled to anything these valleys have seen.
Gobs of insulation have rained down along with fiberboard, cabinetry, laminated plyboard, vinyl siding, roofing, pieces of a trailer, what looks to be part of the head strap from inside a construction helmet, a child’s notebook paper, some kind of metal clamp.

My next post was going to update progress on Elvis.  But I need some catharsis. Posting photos of my own insignificant property damage would be thoughtless and irrelevant in light of the magnitude of this event.  These fragments, however, are tangible evidence of the impact on hundreds of thousands of souls.

Wrapped around a porch post was a tattered page of a DeKalb County Times-Journal with the recipes someone was saving to make for their loved ones.
There was also a “weather picture” contest for kids.  DeKalb County, Alabama is 50 miles southwest of my house as the crow flies.  They lost at least 32 lives in a 33 mile long EF4 tornado.
When I picked up the twisted, battered remnants of a pink-engraved baby shower invitation, I broke.
A eulogy of my only loss that hurts.  My tall faithful hickory.
My friend for 25 years.  So big I could only hug you half-way around. You sheltered my home from the South’s summer heat and gave me fall sunshine in your leaves on the grayest of days.  Even in your demise you veered away lest you damage my house.  I will miss you.
The Ringgold, GA EF4 missed my mother’s home by 5 miles.  Thinking we would be hit, we rode out that massive supercell in her hall bathroom with two dogs.  To reassure everyone, family and dear friends here survived with most or all intact.  We are so very blessed but so very sad for those suffering.
Friday morning one of the RNs rushed up to me, “Dacia, Dacia!  One of the tornados hit Camp Columbus RV park!  Picked ours up and twirled it like a rotisserie.  Almost every camper either turned up or blown away.  Guess what?  The only one standing unmoved was .  .  . “
You guessed it.  An Airstream.
(Screen shots snagged from )

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