Rolling Again

We’re rolling again, both Elvis and little brother Tradewind.  The Tradewind’s two known spots of rottenness have been abated for the time being, hopefully long enough to keep rolling for a season or two.
In spite of my not-so-perfect VCT finish application, the new floor shines.  Rick applied Alcoa Gutter Seal to every vent and roof line seam that I couldn’t reach, and then some.  I reassessed the problem areas around the front window A/C, the necessary eyesore that I hate so much.   More gutter seal and aluminum tape to make things watertight.  After two weeks of heavy storms and blinding rain, I’m tickled to report no visible leaks inside the trailer.
Having a scaffold does wonders for an effective scrub down.  The center roof panels haven’t seen soap and a brush since I’ve owned it.  Oh yeah, we’re ready to roll now!
So Ms. Lu and I left for Virginia Tuesday last week.  Rain nearly all the way.  A rainbow as we turned on I-64 towards Trailer Buff ~ this might be a good sign.
Arrive at Trailer Buff.  Pull in the drive and plug in as usual, it’s all good.  Walk the dog, stabilize, get in the trailer, awesome – still no leaks, and ka-ping . . . . . ping . . Ka-PING.  Have you ever been in your Airstream when it hailed?

Well, let me tell you, it is pretty profound, even just the 7 agonizing seconds of it on the front end of the storm.  I stuck my camera out the door for a shot.   Only light, dime-sized and no damage, but the sound was impressive. I can’t imagine what golf or tennis ball sized stuff would do.
And we’re rolling again on Elvis.  Hallelujah.  Elvis has been flipped, more than once.  More on that in another post.  Wednesday afternoon and on to the Waddell’s.
First, adventures in unhitching.
Then I learned what an unexpected dip in the road can do to the contents of an Airstream.  Just how the dog food stayed put in the bowl through this, I do not know.
Before long I was the woman living in the driveway.
A glorious Thursday found me at my one of my favorite spots by the Shenandoah River.  The river is swollen a number of feet above it’s banks onto areas where I usually walk.
But I have dry spot on a large flat stone on the hill, overlooking the river, in the sun under the feathering trees above, right smack in the middle of a huge patch of Virginia’s state flower.  Here is where I feed my soul.
Smell the air.  Life is good.  A few stress-free days are ahead.

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