Whoo HOO! The Shag Carpet is OUT!

Despite the lack of Airstreaming this week, there has been some Tradewind-focused activity.
My very good sweetheart of a friend, Rick, helped me do something today that I’ve wanted to do from day one.  Get rid of the nasty stinkin’ carpet.“Sure, we can do this in one day, no problem.” 

I knew better.  Nothing to do with 50 year old Airstream flooring can be done in one day.
Carpet out, yeah, I feel better already.  What’s this?  Surprise .  .  .  NOT.  I had already suspected rot by the door.  Here’s the first hole.
Then, the zinger.  The worst damage was curbside afore the jalousie windows in front of the gaucho.    Now you have my attention.
The objective right now is to do enough to preserve the usage of the Tradewind until Elvis is finished.  Then the Tradewind’s issues can be addressed in full.   No removing casework now.  Just repair, prep and install VCT in the visible area.
Rick blasted through the old carpet padding glue down to the old 9” tiles with a belt sander.  Not the perfect protection, but R95 respirators were what we used. Even so, we will lay VCT over the old 9″ asbestos rather than release more contaminants pulling it up.
After preping the floor, Rick installed Armstrong Commercial  Imperial Texture VCT from the bath through the galley.  The color is Desert Beige, a lighter variation of the original tile color, sort of old school, fairly inexpensive, and it camo’s the Georgia clay tracks..
One area of concern is exactly between the first bulkhead.  There is a hairline of difference in the subfloor level between the back and front.
Enough to make us weight the tile seam with handiest heavy thing we had.   I fear to investigate why this is right now and hope the tile will adhere without popping along this line.
What a remarkable difference and vast improvement.    I think the Tradewind smells better already.  I can breathe!  No, wait, let me go outside and pull off this respirator.

For the remainder we’ll scab in the affected areas with  5/8” treated plywood, apply an epoxy-based rot treatment where possible, level, prep, lay tile, and be done.  We hope to get it done before the next deluge of rain.  I’m also practicing running the perfect bead of Alcoa gutter seal for there is lot of  skin seam sealing in my future.

Baby dog Lulu is doing well.  As a mater of fact, she’s a much better patient than I would have been.

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