They ALL Leak

That catch phrase stuck with me from the first time I listened to the VAP.  Yes, they ALL leak. Armed with a few items and Rick’s trusty scaffold, I started tackling the problem this evening.   I started by  picking out old vulkem with an 18g blunt fill needle from the hospital, but there was  very little to remove.  Hmmm.   A wipe-down with Windex to prep then run a bead of Alcoa gutter seal.
If you ever seal your rivet lines, and you should, I recommend you get one of these.  Dave Makel told me about this little tube gripper and I can see it is the absolutely correct tool for the job.  Nice even pressure with a squeeze of the handle and for the thrifty types you’ll get every last drop.   Much easier on my wimpy hands too.
Still learning here.  It is an art I haven’t quite mastered.  Some beads have skippy sections.
But some look downright decent.  Got half of the front end cap panels and a couple of window eyebrows done.  It’s a start.  Meanwhile, Ms. Lu is recovering nicely.  After several bandaging attempts gone wrong, I’ve learned that she is trustworthy and doesn’t try to pull at her stitches.  A naked leg is best.  Lu, however, is still wondering why they shaved her leg for this.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all! 

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