The Patient

Best laid plans .  .  .  you know what they say.   Of such fate is the road trip to Virginia this week.  Ms. Lu totally blew out her ACL last Wednesday.   Poor baby, she is tough as nails but this one put her down for the count.  Like some old Airstreams, Lulu has rear end sag.

Surgery today bought her a brand new “replacement” ligament and a few yards of vet-wrap ‘round the right hindquarter.   And some bad news.  She’s been living with a partial tear and already had degenerative disease in that right hind knee.  Arthritis, a large bone spur, and some dysplasia is evident in the left hip.  The fact that she hadn’t demonstrated any degree of pain before now is impressive.

Doggie NSAIDS and polysulfated glycosaminoglycan injections are both promising options.  There is certain hope for Lulu to recover, rehab, repair, and resume life in the manner to which she has been accustomed.  But right this minute, she is a pitiful little puppy.

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