White Christmas in Dixie

This doesn’t usually happen in the South.  We are having an awesomely real, truly White Chrstimas!  It’s like the earth has been given rare purity if just for a day, a magical white cloak covering all the ugliness.
I know, I know.  This blog post is WAY overdue.  Since the Bash my main focus has been less on Airstreaming and more on the home front.  But for a couple of quick trips to my favorite driveway  in Virginia, camping has been low profile since July.   To all those who have emailed or called over the past few months, thanks for your kind concerns.  Life is still good and Mom is doing well.
Speaking of Mom, this is her first White Christmas ever.
She opened the door with excitement not unlike a child opening a gift.
Then stared with wonder at the world awash in white.
Hopefully, more work on Elvis will pick up very soon.  The Makels have been drying in their own project, an early 50’s Grumman step van to MoHo conversion, and preparing it for critter-proof outdoor storage.  This will free up floor space to flip Elvis, install tanks and belly pan, then proceed on.  In the mean time, a few other things have been completed.
The window and drip cap restorations are now complete.  I am amazed at the transformation.
All 233 non-original holes have been TIG welded out.  Count ’em, 233 holes from screws, fasteners, and other non-OEM objects.  Frames and drip caps have been hand-ground, hand polished, numbered, and protectively wrapped  for future installation.
All the original operators are repaired, lubricated, polished, and ready to go as well as other countless bits necessary for windows.  Only two weren’t usable.  Vintage Trailer Supply’s replacements will do nicely.
The solar equipment from AM Solar is on site.  Even Dave was impressed with the caliber of their products.  We’ll be able to get 300 watts in solar panels on the roof to help support the four-battery bank when boondocking.
Extreme make over shot –  check out the roof before & afters.
Lots of elbow grease and I’m guessing chemicals were involved, but I never dreamed the roof could look like this again.
Meanwhile, Elvis’s little Tradewind brother is wrapped in his own winter blanket and decked out for Christmas.  The snow didn’t stop until late this afternoon.
Merry Christmas to all.  I hope all your Christmas wishes have come true.

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