The Perfect Mistake

“Hey Dacia, the credentialing for the scheduled CRNAs didn’t go through in time.  We need you to cover Grandview the next two weeks, OK?”
Missing paperwork?  The perfect mistake!  At least for me.  Last week I hitched up the Airstream and headed for Shellmound, my favorite spot on Nickajack Lake.
This is the quiet Sunday afternoon I needed badly, even though I’m on call.  Kicked back under the awning with a little Sheryl Crow on the Tivoli, the latest issue of Food & Wine, a cold beverage, and a bowl of cherries.  And a fan that will blow your bloomers off.
Palpable heat that permeates in waves.  A shimmering mirage rising from the earth.  The occasional promising whiff of rain that never delivers.  Fantastic Fan’s Endless Breeze makes the humid 97 degrees in the shade survivable.  Double 8’s in the trailer aren’t so cool either. But it’s all good.
Excuse me while I soak up the sun .  .  .  . while it’s still free.

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