I Don’t Do Windows

But Trailer Buff does.  All fifteen of them.  Five stationery picture windows and 10 operable windows.
I stopped by Trailer Buff last week to see each has been painstakingly removed, cataloged and numbered, cleaned, and made ready for rebuild.
Dave asked if I wanted tinted or clear.  Tinted looks great on the newer models.  But dark glasses on this Elvis just wouldn’t look right. Clear tempered glass it will be.  Let the sun shine in.
Due to aftermarket hardware applications, some frames resemble Swiss cheese.  I’ve understood from the beginning that Elvis will have a number of oddly placed rivets and patches.  That’s OK, it is all part of his history.
Another thing we discussed was the wheelwell cut-out of the side panels.
A hint of the original arc can be seen at the lower corner’s edge of the side panel.  When traced out it does indeed indicate a low cut.  California must have missed the boat for adequate tire clearance on some builds.
Nearly 50 years ago Elvis had a flat when traveling with the Coffman’s.  John Coffman had told me that his father, Charles, vowed he would never again go through the issues caused by the skimpy wheelwell clearance.
Charles promptly had the trailer retrofitted with hinged wheel access, a feature later appreciated by the boys at Red Oak Tire when I first got Elvis.  With the side panel replacements we’ve decided to use Dave and Martha’s own 1956 Ohio Sovereign of the Road as a pattern for a functional yet original wheelwell cut-out.
On another note, a follow-up to the Macbook Pro theft.  Turns out to be a good thing the replacement never made it to The Bash in New York.  My stolen laptop was recovered two weeks to the day of the theft.  The files are still intact and it appears the battery went dead shortly after it was lifted rendering it useless to the unmotivated perpetrator.  I got a full refund on the unopened Mac shipped “via Alaska” today. After  suffering over 2 weeks with an old PC, I will say it again, “I don’t do Windows!”