The Bash

Last Thursday Paul and Mary Kim Waddell entrusted a precious package named Virginia to me.  “V” rode shotgun and was a perfect co-pilot.  It is amazing what lessons one can learn from an 8-year old .  “V” is wise beyond her years.
Early evening saw us rolling into a field encircled with silver.  Nearly 50 Airstreams were already on site.
With so much packed into such an exceptional rally it would be impossible to relate everything in a blog post.  So here are just a few things that stood out for me.
  • This was the most well attended rally I seen in four years of Airstreaming.
  • Antsy McClain is genuine, the real deal.  Thank goodness he, as he puts it, has “narrowly escaped success several times.”  Antsy and his son, Grant, fit right in around the campfire just like any of the rest of us.
    • Diversity abounds and is a good thing.  Let it never be forgotten that each and every Airstream comes with it’s own special personality, just like each and every Airstreamer.


  • Tractor rides, Fireworks and Kettle Corn go very well together.
  • When frugal, 25 gallons worth of water can last 4 days even with washing dishes, hair, and an 8 year old.
  • Running out of water during your Sunday night shower’s rinse cycle isn’t so nice.
  • Cooking with wine is an art to be shared.   To Marc, Colin, and Mary Kim, I thoroughly enjoyed your company.  Turning a sauce recipe into a 3-bottle event is how to handle a rainy day.
  • If one housefly gets into your trailer on day one, he will invite 58 of his closest friends before rally’s end.
  • Rob Baker’s wife, Zoe, should be canonized as the patron saint of Airstreaming wives and mothers.
  • Sunsets and silver just go together.
  • BFF’s are made at Airstream rallies.
  • The let down of leaving is easier when mini-caravanning to the interstate.  Ralph (Airboss) and Laura  (Airdale, AKA Miss Rivette), you looked good from behind!
I was woefully slack on photography at the Bash.  Had so much fun that I didn’t even think to pick up the camera.  The first and last shots of this post were taken by Virginia.   Another lesson learned.  I should have given the camera to the 8-year old for the weekend.

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