Restos and Rods

I wanted more, way more microfiber polishing bonnets.  Geven, my Airstream polishing adviser, said “Hey, I’ve got a bunch I can sell you.  We’ll be in Chattanooga on June 9.  Meet us at the Power Tour in the afternoon.”
If you haven’t heard of the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour and you like cool cars, check it out.  It would be an awesome expedition with a vintage Airstream in tow.  This year Day 5 was in Chattanooga hosted by the good people at Coker Tire.  Over 5000 vintage hot rods and such covered the campus of Chattanooga State.

I joined a  group near the river, grabbed a chair and a cold beverage, and never moved from shade cast by Geven and Ruth’s Airstream 190 B-van.

Dave “The Bartender” Earle, a Power Tour veteran, has lots of toys in the bed of his vintage El Camino.  He knows how to travel well even without an Airstream.  This King of the Road is the real deal.

A killer grill that spits fire.

This isn’t a tool box.  More like a boom box.

Oh yeah, that’s the keg.  Seriously.

Dave has a HUGE throne backed by the checkered flag from where he conducts court.

The hospitality poured, Dave fed us all, and before it ended we were each knighted using a hamburger flipper and given a cool tee-shirt.  Geven was in his element.

It’s good to be king.  All hail the king.

From my spot there was plenty of vintage stuff to see without cruising the hot asphalt.

From vintage police cruisers to restored drag racing cars, anything you fancy. We even had the company of Bull and the Power Tour’s support truck.

Would not this be an awesome thing to have along on an Airstream caravan! Basically a lighted garage on wheels complete with a sound system that will blow you out of your chair, Norfolk Southern freight train horn included.

As the evening storms came in we relocated to Coker Tire and Honest Charley’s Speed Shop downtown for more eye candy.

While strolling the block party, one wouldn’t know they were in the 21st century.  Not a recent model in sight.

Coker Tire acquired the famed Honest Charley’s Speed Shop in 1998 and has  maintained the icon well.   Museum quality, highly polished and perfect specimens.  From the earliest of Ford’s models to import roadsters of the ’60s.  It is still a  working garage collecting and producing the finest of restorations.

Motorcyles too.

Coker and Honest Charley’s opened all the doors pulled out all the stops.

Dave Makel once told me that, in the world of hot rods, Elvis would be considered a “resto rod” when he is complete.  If Elvis is as striking as any of the resto rods I saw, I will be one happy woman!

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