Positively Overnight

Multiple issues ranging from a case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (no worry, I’m fine now) to the theft of my Macbook Pro laptop had delayed my departure to Baker’s Acres of Chenago for the Bash.  I’m limping around with 6 year old Windoze technology in the mean time.  Finally, today I made it up the highway for a positively overnight stay at my absolutely favorite courtesy parking spot by the creek at the Waddell’s home.
Now for brief public service announcement:  tick bite + severe headache + fever = see a doctor STAT.  The sooner you get the correct antibiotics the better off you will be.
I must have passed 132 Fed Ex trucks today. From freight to ground to home delivery.  Never noticed this many on the road before.   And what is Brown doing?  Apparently not as much as Fed Ex.   They were barely visible.   Surely one of those Fed Ex rigs must be carrying my replacement Macbook Pro to Rob Baker’s farm.  Wouldn’t be ironic if my laptop made it to the Bash before I do.

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