I’m All For Quick and Easy

This was the Tradewind three years ago.  It isn’t half as shiny now.
Camping beats polishing hands down.  Polishing is a hot nasty pain not to mention  time-consuming.  Guess which one I’ll pick if I have time on my hands. So I’m trying a method my friend Geven (StreaminGuy on Airforums) had shared with me a few months ago.

His ’67 Caravel is testament to how well it works and he says he can do a once-over in less than 8 hours and not even get filthy dirty.

The Porter Cable 7424XP Orbital Polisher arrived last week.  I had already purchased the Diamond Brite along with the other items on Geven’s shopping list and have been dying to try this.

Forgetting to keep contact with aluminum BEFORE turning the machine on and off, I slung couple of bonnets across the yard.  Wal-Mart cheapie bonnets cannot hang.  Spend the bucks for  well-made ones that won’t shred apart.  This is not a polish you let sit on the skin for for long.  It will dry on quickly.  A little goes a long way.  Small areas at a time please.  Finding the technique that didn’t vibrate the bones out of my fingers was a trial-and-error process. Within 15 minutes I was rained out but had already completed one pass on the lower rear of the trailer.To my surprise, the thundershower revealed a line of demarcation.

The raindrops bead like crazy and the shine is back.

It is real, it is fast, and it works.

Overall, the Porter Cable isn’t as awkward for me as the Cyclo with wraps.   Much lighter and easier to handle.  Diamond Brite is way less mess than Nuvite.  The materials I need are so few that I can store them in a small metal box instead of a large Rubbermaid tote.

I couldn’t say how well Geven’s method would work on a heavily oxidized Airstream.  Compounding first would surely be best.  But this is awesome for maintaining the shine on the Tradewind and eventually Elvis.  Now I can camp in my free time and stay shiny too!

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