“Take Your Airstream to Work” Day

How would it be if there was a  “Take Your Airstream to Work” Day.  All Airstream owners and like minded individuals could tow their favorite home on wheels into the office, factory, campus, job site, or other place of employment.
There could be a catered lunch, “tour of offices”,  power napping, designated “work from home” time, and one heck of a Happy Hour at the end of the work day.  How about workshops like Creative Airstreaming in the Workplace, or Income Producing Opportunities for the Airstreamer.
For some of you, Airstreams are your business.  But me, I took my Airstream to work so I could grab the last coveted Shellmound campsite just as soon as I left surgery.  Shellmound is just minutes from the hospital I’m covering next week,  and the stampede for prime Memorial Day camping real estate has already begun.

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