Meet Me In St. Louis

The Gateway to the West.  Here is where so much happened early in our country’s history.  This past week I courtesy parked at my good friends, Steve and Amy Burrows.  I got the grand tour of the town.
Steve took me to the Arch Tuesday.  Built in 1968, there are tiny round capsules that take passengers to the top.  The views are fantastic.
The working Mississippi to the east and the city to the west.  You can see every seat in the Cardinal’s stadium.  Then we hit up the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, the original real deal.
After a brief wait in a museum of a lobby, we were ushered on to the famous Clydesdale’s paddock and stables.  Here were housed a collection wagons along with the huge equine beasts.
These draft horses are amazing.  They are treated well and spoiled rotten.  How many stables have a chandelier from the 1904 World’s Fair hanging in the center? It is only a hint at how highly the wagon team is regarded.
The tour continues through the brewing process from start to finish. Be prepared for temperature changes.  Some rooms are literally iced, just like the beer.
We ordered the kegs for our next rally.
Then my camera battery died.  Sorry guys.  Some cool stuff at the brewery and two complimentary beers can be enjoyed at the end in the hospitality garden.

Wednesday Amy and Collin joined us for a trip to the Science Center and the St. Louis Zoo where Alice (McAir of the Airforums) joined us.  The carousel is from the 1904 World’s Fair.  There are bits and pieces of this historic event all over the city.

There were animals, old souls,  showy birds,  Airstream’s favorite companion bird, and other winged creatures.
Think maybe the designer of that aviary was an Airstream engineer in a former life?  Center ribs and nine end panels.  Cool!
Many thanks to Steve, Amy, and Collin for their hospitality.  Ms. Lulu thanks them for the comfort of their basement when the night storms raged.  Y’all are awesome!

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