Holiday Hodgepodge

Sounds like a Jeopardy category, doesn’t it?  “I’ll take Holiday Hodgepodge for $1000, Alex.”  And the answer is .  .  . What is a Holiday Rambler, or is it ramblings?

For a week now I’ve been at Shellmound on Nickajack Lake and enjoying the fringe benefits of Airstreaming after work each day.
Here is a night shot from just outside my Airstream door.  The full moon over the lake last week was spectacular.
Do you believe in ghosts, or the evidence thereof?   “Saw the ghost again today,”  the ranger stated matter-of-factly as he was pulling the cancellation stamps for my National Park Passport at Russell Cave National Monument.
He is sure it is an ancient native American spirit.  I’m not inclined to believe such stories, but there is a mysterious aura about this prehistoric dwelling.
Swirling misty clouds float eerily from the mouth of the cave, maybe the remaining collective breath of residents from ages gone by.   While contemplating the existence of this phenomena, a single loud clap of thunder sent me and the dog running for car.

The holiday weekend brings the Southern sportsman to Nickajack lake.   Any mode of camping is fair game.  They’re all here.  From the pup tent to the diesel pusher.  One big happy family.

A little rain has never stopped any Southerner from having a little fun.  Every conceivable watercraft from inner-tube to pontoon boat is here for the party.  Just pull what you have along side your rig.  It is like a marina and campground all in one.

Shellmound was a favorite destination for Lulu and her dearly departed pack-mate, Maggie.  Sometimes it seems she is still looking for her here.

Perhaps Maggie is who she is dreaming of.  Let sleeping dogs lie.

Do I smell a whiff of ammonia?  Please let this be an olfactory hallucination.  I love my old Dometic and don’t want it to die at the young age of 50.

Happy Memorial Day, especially to those who serve our country.  I have a number of friends that do.  You are why we can fly our flag and enjoy the pleasures of freedom.  To all of you, “thank you” can hardly express the gratitude you deserve.  Sometimes words are inadequate.

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