Field Trip!

How many Airstreaming events include educational field trips?   OK, the educational value may be debatable, but it depends on how you look at it.  Last Friday about a dozen of us Rend Lake Rally attendees descended on the unsuspecting lot where Pamela Lee Anderson’s tricked-out “Lovestream” was for sale.
Many of you know about Pamela’s Airstream ride, a gift from Hugh Heffner in 2001, and pimped out in pearl white and pink to meet her preferences.  Some of would say, “a travesty, a desecration of sacred aluminum.”  Others would say, “Cool!”  We piled in to see the spoils.
Frankly, it looked like it hadn’t been detailed since the last party.  We were noisy and nosy, checked out the closets, inspected the workmanship (we’ve seen better), opened the fridge, tried out the stripper pole, laid on the round vibrating bed, and had an irreverently large time.
Party on!!!!
The Rend Lake Rally was another awesome event hosted by the Burrows family.  Click on the slide show to see more of Pamela’s Airstream and a rockin’ good rally complete with massive campfires, Margaritaville, and melons.

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