Visualizing the Vision

The image above is courtesy of both Fred Coldwell and Dale Schwamborn.  Each had sent me a scan of the original California plant sales flyer which matches Elvis to a T.  It confirms exactly what trailer model Elvis is even though he was never badged.
“Badges?  We don’t need no stinking badges!”
A few posts back I shared my excitement of seeing Jack’s frame-up of Elvis’s interior.  It  dawned on me that I’ve never posted anything specific about the layout.
The trailer had a few aftermarket additions that slightly altered the original layout (i.e. cabinet in oven-broiler’s spot, added casework).  The rebuild will return Elvis to the original factory layout in the  sales flyer with a few small improvements. designed just for me.
Now, many of you know a woman can get pretty darn picky about her kitchen cabinets.  Envisioning the specifics without the having the trailer physically present was the hard part.  That’s where Google Sketchup came in.  Unfortunately, when I first worked with Sketchup I didn’t have the benefit of the Airforums tutorial thread that NorCal Bambi is kindly providing.  A bucket of karma to NorCal for doing a great service for those planning their restos.
Here is Elvis streetside. Not 3D, but this will give the idea.  Click on the images to enlarge.  The layout returns an oven-broiler to the original location.  The box to the right of the oven represents a cool piece Dave Makel made for Abe and Melissa Lincoln’s ’76 Overlander, a multi-tasking element for storage,  padded seating, or table surface.  Storage configurations have been altered slightly from the original. The washer/dryer combo will just fit in the rear streetside closet and leave space for shirts to hang above.
The curbside has the majority of redesign.  With a bit of quick change artistry, the twin will become a desk for when I’m traveling solo or taking my anesthesia gig on the road.
I’m tired of taking everything out of the Tradewind pantry to find what need in the back.  Half the time I don’t even know what’s really there and find myself saying,  “Oh, I have TWO of these now?”  This pull-out design will update functionality and solve some of those problems.
There is a similar set-up under the stove top for spices.  There will also be a ventilated cubbyhole with power for a toaster/convection oven.  Why should I use my LPG if I have shore power?
In 1956, Airstream closets were wide open spaces with a clothes bar and upper shelf.  Plenty of room for suits and cocktail gowns.  Since I don’t foresee a need for multiple changes of formal wear in my travels, I asked for a chest of drawers instead.  Jack had to make it narrow and deep rather than as drawn, but he managed to get the requested dimensions.
Any remaining closet space not occupied by a plumbing chase will allow one or two full length garments to hang freely should I choose to bring a little black dress.
A girl should never be unprepared for an impromptu evening on the town.

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