Sometimes it DOES Run Uphill

Dumping the black tank at home has always been an unpleasant adventure I never look forward to. Yesterday my solution arrived.  The Sewer Solution.  The manual said it can dump up to 100 feet, even on 3-feet of elevation from the gate valve, if I set up a run of 1″ PVC.  The rise on my hill is probably around 15 inches.  Off to Lowe’s I went.
“OK, I think about 16 of these will do it, need slip connectors too.  Yeah, throw in a couple of elbows just in case.  Hey, I’ll take an extra backflow prevention valve while I’m here.  Thanks!”
  Like a kid with Tinker Toys, I plotted my run to the septic clean-out. Working back to the trailer I started connecting the PVC until I was within reach of the 10 foot hose supplied with the device.
Sixty feet of PVC, a dozen slip connectors, and one 45 degree elbow later, I had what I hoped  would be my solution.  After rereading the directions one last time I coupled the Sewer Solution to the Tradewind with the Thetford adapter and slid the sewer-out line  with the bushing into the PVC.  The Alaskan pipeline it’s not, but it’s integrity is just as important.

“Backflow prevention valve – CHECK.  Water hose – CHECK.  All connections tight – CHECK.  Let’s try it with the water first.”

No leaks.  The sound of water gushing through the pipeline was evident.  I checked the output at the clean-out and found that flow uphill was a non-issue.  Clear clean water was rapidly running through.  While holding my breath I pulled the dump valve and peeked under the trailer.  YES!  It works!
I waited for things to clear and redirected the water flush to the tank.  Here’s the advantage of a vintage trailer with a straight shot from the valve up to the tank.  Sewer Solution is very efficient in flushing this configuration.
A couple of flush-outs and all was clear again.  A quick check in the trailer to verify an empty black tank and that was it.   No  muss, no fuss, and now I see why people say, “No stinky slinky ever again.”  The hardest part by far was getting up off the gravel after disconnecting.  The dirty chore is done.  And I didn’t even need the Haz-Mat gear.