Cherry Hill – The “Un” Rally

Never trust the Australian dude speaking from the GPS.  I should have gone with my gut and taken I-495 instead of mindlessly following the Australian dude’s voice into the thick of Washington D.C. traffic.  C’est la vie, it’s not like I haven’t done this before. It was just a year ago I was led through the heart of D.C. by Rob Baker as wagon boss with Frank Yensan handling the caboose.  What a great caravan that was.
Cherry Hill Campground was the designated “come if you want to hang out” spot for those of us wishing there was still a CBR.  It wasn’t a rally, or even an event associated with any group whatsoever.  So does that make it the “UN” Rally?  Check the slide show and you decide.

So it wasn’t the CBR, but the spirit of the CBR was certainly present.  I got to hang out at the National Parks.

The Great Falls Tavern on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

And Great Falls, where we met on a cold rainy day last year to caravan through D.C.

My good friends, Jane and Dave, turned me onto  “collecting stamps” in my brand new National Park Passport.

In spite of the official CBR going bust, it was the perfect weekend and a great way to open the Airstreaming season.