A Touch of Zen

No unadulterated blue sky shining for more than 5 days total since January 1st. Two months of dark wet oppressive weather even by Chattanooga standards and I crave to see the sun again.   My friends at Trailer Buff have suffered worse than I. Snow over ice over snow, multiple power outages, and other unavoidable circumstances have made business as usual tough this winter.  So I was delighted to hear from Martha a couple of weeks ago.

“It has finally thawed enough for us to actually drive up to the door of the building.  Jack is moving fast on the cabinetry.  He needs you to pick out sinks and faucets now.”

Here is what I have to work with.  The bathroom sink is a no-brainer and one of my few opportunities to recycle an original piece of Elvis.  The 1956 sink is in good shape and will be reused. Even though original, the semi-avocado green galley sink has got to go.

In its place will be an 18″ x 14″ Elkay sink with a 10″ deep satin stainless basin.  It will work with a 21″ wide counter yet is large enough to be seriously useful.  And it will allow for small storage drawers between the sink and the oven/broiler.  Since I’ve always envied those who still have their vintage sink covers, I ordered the Elkay custom cutting board to achieve the same purpose.

Stock Airstream faucets in 1956 were  plain and utilitarian.  Here’s my chance to put a little updated bling in Elvis.  The instruments that will bear water have a contemporary look with Asian roots, a stylized version of the bamboo water spout, a touch of Zen.

Even so, I think the clean simple lines would not have been out of place in any upscale mid-century modern home of the 50’s. The dimensions of this faucet won’t compete with the galley windows like some of the tall gooseneck versions.

Finding a compliment centerset piece that will work with the original bath sink was a bonus.  Both are products of Danze.

No mater what the period or style, there is a Zen-like quality in a cool stream of water trickling from an elegant silver spout into one’s hands.

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