A Mid-Century Modern Makeover

Getting things done over the holidays has been about as slow as molasses in January. The weather hasn’t helped.  Nor has all the other issues that have descended on us recently. However, Danny’s Quality Upholstery has been moving right along. Danny Jr. sent me this YouTube of the divan transformation complete with very appropriate tunes.  Click on it to go to YouTube for the full screen effect.
The divan is a key piece to the rebuilding of Elvis.  Danny’s can do any type of upholstery, but their specialty is vintage and collectible automobiles and he is well-known in those circles. Reviving this vinyl-covered Airstream piece in a fine aniline-dyed leather was no stretch for Danny’s. They even refinished the feet, rebuilt the storage underneath, and insured that it continues to fold down into a totally functional bed just as it was intended.  Looks great guys, thanks!

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