Holding Water

Trailer Buff builds their own custom sized holding tanks. Elvis will be well-endowed for a vintage soul with 30+ gallon freshwater and 30+ gallon gray holding tanks. The Inca Plastics black tank that we plan to reuse, if possible, looks to be around 16 gallons. I’ve never had it this good.
Holding tank fabrication starts with thick plastic sheets. The point is to get a bead of plastic so hot it becomes clear.
I watched something like a heat gun melded together the straight sides with a bead of plastic until they became one.   There is a knack to obtaining a solid weld that is super strong.
One could mistakenly believe that minimal skill is necessary, but to become smooth and seamless as well as watertight is a product of art, science, and skill.
The tanks will be positioned beneath the floor within reinforced frame over the axles.
Dave plans to install a 12V sump pump to facilitate complete emptying of wash water lines into the gray tank. He is also considering building a plenum that would utilize warm air from a Twin Temp heat exchanger to prevent tank freezing in winter. How clever is that!


The freshwater tank will have a city water bypass and a separate fill neck with a keyed deck fill cap. For convenience it will also have a valve so I can backfill the tank without disconnecting the water hookup. Supply lines will be PEX.  Cut-off valves will be placed throughout the plumbing layout so any problem area in the future can be isolated.  He’s also designing dump valve placements to prevent freezing and cracking.
Not much should keep Elvis from cold weather camping. That’s perfect for me. I’ve always wanted to camp worry-free in my Airstream in a snow storm.

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