Dot every “I” and cross every “T” When You Have to Deal With the DMV

I walk up to the desk at the TN DMV today and right in front of me I see this.  I had no idea Tennessee had Elvis specialty plates.  I’ve said it before.  This trailer will not be a shrine to Elvis P covered with memorabilia.  But what I wouldn’t give to have this plate below the whale tail.  Part of the upcharge for the tag goes to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center at The Med in Memphis.  Of course, that is right up my alley because I can never walk away from a good trauma.  However, Tennessee does not permit specialty plates on travel trailers or pull-behinds.  Only MoHo’s get this little perk.

Last year Tennessee told me to hold off on tags and title until I was closer to getting the trailer on the road.  Very nice of them to save me a few bucks.  Today I felt the urge to make Elvis street legal on paper.  So I went in loaded with the Bill of Sale and every Texas and Tennessee document that I thought I would need.

But things still weren’t right.  After explaining, altering, adding to, re-explaining, and finally signing an affidavit because of a strike-through on the title transfer signatures, I paid the tax and license fees.  The “VIN” number still won’t be exactly right because Texas added the word AIRSTREAM after the serial number.  Hauling Elvis to the courthouse or producing a rubbing of the S/N plate was out of the question.  The clerk was a most kind and patient lady.  There were others who would have sent me back to Texas.

But it’s all good.  Elvis’s Tennessee title is in the mail and he has a brand new very plain boring generic trailer tag.

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