Big Ticket Items

Elvis is an empty shell; kind of like a big silver Easter Egg waiting to be filled up with goodies.  One of my goals this month was to nail down major equipment and appliances then get out the orders. We printed cut sheets from the web for nearly everything so rough-in info would be available for Jack, the cabinet and casework carpenter. Then while at Highland Haven, I used their fabulously fast WiFi to find the best price plus shipping deals and complete orders. It saves a few $100 to shop around. This was my shopping list:
  •   Norcold N641 2 way refrigerator – I’ve not heard much good about the 3 way models of any brand, just more to go wrong.  We plan to cover the exterior panels with wood veneer matching the casework.


Once I can talk to a real person at Seaward, the galley cooking appliances will be ordered. My choices (in stainless) are the Seaward Princess Gourmet Oven Broiler and Princess Gourmet Stovetop.
By far the most expensive purchase, the Precision Temp Twin Temp Jr. with heat exchanger/blowers arrived on a pallet the week after I left Trailer Buff. When Dave began reading the factory documents some pretty important questions came up regarding 12V power requirements for the circulating pump and the blowers. Even though Elvis will have a 4-battery power bank, conserving power use while boondocking is always a concern.
Between Dave’s communications with Precision Temp, comparisons to conventional furnace 12V draw, and assistance from Uwe Salwender, the proprietor of Area 63 Productions, I found the reassurance I needed to proceed with installation plans. Uwe has installed Twin Temps in some of his restorations on the West Coast. Many thanks to Uwe for taking time out of his busy day to offer help and field my questions. Check his site at He does some amazing restoration work.

That covers most of the major systems and appliance purchases for Elvis. I’m eagerly awaiting the day I can cook a killer gourmet meal in my well-appointed galley then lounge in a bubble bathtub of endless hot water sipping the beverage of my choice while the heat exchangers warm every nook and cranny of the coach. Spoiled rotten!

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