The 2009 Falluminum

My first rally was Falluminum in 2006.  I felt more welcomed than I would have dreamed for a first timer.  Three year’s later I still see the same welcome for old and new friends.  There is nothing quite like Lake Chatuge in the fall. The weather is unpredictable and varied.  This year was no exception with temperature extremes from rain to clouds and blustery wind to a beaming and shiny warm Sunday when most of us had to leave.  That’s the way it goes.  But no matter.  The weather has little to do with Airstreamers doing what they do best.

Here’s a slide show of the festivities.  Lots of gorgeous trailers and MoHo’s, food, fun, and and lots of friends.  Exactly as it should be.

There are two local establishments I always try to visit when in Hiawassee, GA.
The Cottage on Highway 17 towards Haysville, NC has two parking lots that are always slammed packed full.  They will usually see me coming in to buy a pie or two or three.  Maybe four.
I don’t know Nancy’s last name. But I do know her 76 year old hands craft the finest homemade pies in the South. None can compare. Evidently the locals all know this. If you don’t get there right soon after she drops them by The Cottage, you will miss out for the day.
With flavors like Apple Carmel Walnut and Fruits of the Forest, they go fast. Especially the Strawberry-Rubarb. For $15 you too can have one of Nancy’s pies and they are worth it.
Back in Hiawassee is Noblett’s 5 & 10. It’s the kind of Mom and Pop place that grandma used to shop. A quick look at the layout and inventory and you would think you had stepped back 50 years. I could swear some of their stuff is new old stock. Go to Noblett’s for a blast from the past. Even the cash register is the real deal.
After nearly two weeks on the road, I was ready to get home to check on Mom.  She’s fine and I’m sitting in a great place mentally before heading to work in the morning.  The trip home through the Ocoee Gorge was simply awesome.

Tonight I will dream of walls of kaleidoscope color rising up around me as it dissipates into the shimmering gold of the autumn sunshine.


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