New Bones

Last week my visit to Trailer Buff was quite productive. First, Elvis is sporting a new, well sort of, new frame.
Dave has rebuilt/reinforced the original frame and has built a new load-bearing frame under it. This thing is solid and bombproof.
Consequently, Elvis is now a 31’ Sovereign of the Road.
His body length won’t change, but an extra foot has been added to the tongue to help with load balance and accommodate a spare tire. I know, some don’t believe in carrying one with a tandem. I’m not of that school.
There are two new Dexter torsion axles and 12” brakes.
That’s Joey working on the frame. He comes from a long line of blacksmiths, so metal work is in his blood. He loves manipulating metal and is a master at it.
He modified the new ball coupler from a wide base version to a sleek design that fits the more angular vintage tongue. One would think it came out of the box this way. Knowing it was one of my concerns, Joey leaned over to me and said in my ear,“You’ll have a strong frame, I’m making it strong.  I promise.”I have no doubt.

Last weekend I courtesy parked at the Waddell’s with the Weimer’s.  It was good to see old friends.  The miserable weather prevented flying hot air balloons. Regardless, time spent with the Waddell’s is always spent well.
When the sun finally shone on Monday, I sat by the Shenandoah River listening to its babble while reviving my heart and soul.
Ms. Lu, who you would never know is nearly an 11 year old dog,  played in the river like a young thing.  I hope she lives forever.
Now I’ve moved down to Highland Haven near Floyd, VA, and enjoyed fabulous sunsets as well as the Lincoln’s good company.  They also have a gorgeous Overlander restored by Trailer Buff in 2005.
I’ve spent most of today online, researching, emailing, fact finding, scouting out deals, and buying stuff for Elvis. More on that and the rest of my Trailer Buff visit later.  In the morning I’ll head down to Georgia to the Falluminum Rally.

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