From JC to The Wilds – Experiencing a Bit of Africa

That photo was taken by Pee Wee on approach to the campsite.  He remarked how the dustiness and terrain was reminiscent of Africa.   I’m way behind in posting this event thanks to some major PC issues.  It took well over a week of resuscitation to be up and running again.   Maybe I really should get a Mac.
My stay in Jackson Center turned out to be a major highlight of my entire trip.  Thanks to Pee Wee, being there at the right time with the right person gave me a passport to see, do, and learn  things I never could have dreamed had I been there on my own.

Dale knows everyone at the factory and a lot about the local area from his days traveling with his mother, Helen Byam Schwamborn, and when working for California Airstream plant in the ’60s.  The folks at Airstream treat him very well as they should.

The Wilds was next on the agenda so we headed towards Cumberland, OH on September 18th  (I told you I was behind.)  This AIRforums rally hosted by Dan and Dawn Bihary was set on thousands of acres of land once a strip mine.  Now an educational and conservational facility, wild animals from all over the world are preserved and roaming free in their own habitat.  The campsite, a few miles outside of the fenced game preserve, was accessable only by dirt and gravel roads.  We all had the opportunity to see these animals during open air tours of the facility.

This boondocking rally gave a taste of what the original African Caravanners may have experienced when camping between desitinations.  Here is a slide show of all the fun we had.
From fishing in a remote pond full of large mouth bass to intimate campfires to a sunset tour of the preserve, this was boondocking at it’s finest.  Thanks Dan and Dawn for a great rally!