Bare Bones

So Elvis has been stripped down to his skeleton for a couple of months now.
I’ve seen many a naked Airstream frame, but seeing Elvis’s bare bones seemed such a contrast to the massive beast I first towed home from Texas.  It was startling.

The frame rebuild is now nearly complete. Trailer Buff has begun fabricating fresh and gray water tanks. We all know the relationship between balance and running gear.  Dave Makel, who is a master of physics and engineering, had studied the possiblities and chose locations for 30+ gallon holding tanks that will minimze fluid and weight shift if traveling full.   The old Inca Plastics black tank is in miraculously good condition, so we are recycling it into the new build.

I have no idea where or when I’ll be traveling with Elvis, so we are covering all the bases.  Winter camping isn’t out of the question.  Dave is installing 12V warming pads for the holding tanks to cover any inclimate encounters on the road.

We’ve chosen Bal C-series stabilizing and leveling jacks with power packs.  Even though the frame could now handle it, leveling Elvis will still be done the old fashioned way with planks and Lynx blocks.  But it will certainly be nice to be able to fine tune leveling and deploy stabilizers with the touch of a button.

I ordered Precision Temp’s Twin Temp Jr. with 6 hydronic heat exchanger/blowers today.  Many thanks to Lewster on AIRforums for getting me a great deal.  This purchase will be green and energy efficient compared to tank water heaters, not to mention the weight savings of both a heating tank full of water and a separate furnace.

I’m heading up to Trailer Buff this week as soon as I get past an annoying head cold.  We plan to complete orders for more major appliances and finalize some decisions.  And of course I’m bringing money .  .  .  lots of money.

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