Goin’ to Jackson, Jackson Center, that is . . .

There must be healing properties in aluminum. After one day of nursing a feverish illness, I was up and off to my good friends, Steve and Amy Burrow’s home. Part of my mission was to pick up Dale “Pee Wee” Schwamborn who was hitching a ride with me to Jackson Center.  We proceeded on through St. Louis.
Traveling with Pee Wee is a real treat. Something akin to riding with the king. He is the ultimate traveler and full of stories from “back in the day”.   Some of the trip included the back roads, my favorite roads to travel.  Back roads are where the serendipitous opportunities occur.  Like stopping at an organic farm and produce stand.
The road to Jackson Center is straight through America’s farmlands, flat as a fritter and full of corn and beans.
Pee Wee tells me there was a time when Airstream in Jackson Center had to plan productions schedules around crop harvesting since most of the workers were also farmers.
Pulling into Jackson Center was not unlike a homecoming. Forty-nine years ago my 1960 Tradewind exited one of the doors across the street from today’s service center and main plant.
My purpose for returning was an ailing black tank valve.  I found a spot on the Terraport next to the Pan American that Airstream had set up for Pee Wee.
Service wasn’t scheduled until Wednesday, so the Tradewind patiently waited for its turn.  Me, not so much.