Pink and White Cadillacs

Elvis rolled out of the factory with a flesh-tone pink blown ABS bathtub. I thought it was fiberglass but Trailer Buff found on removal that it was ancient ABS. Under that mat is a nasty tear. The old tub is very brittle. Trailer Buff has already refabricated a new one to original specs in fiberglass. Now I need to choose a color.


From the get-go I had jokingly referred to the “pink” bathtub as Elvis’ pink Cadillac even considering a redo in Cadillac pink. Fifty’s fashionable and totally appropriate.

The bathroom sink in Elvis is white and in really good shape. It is one of the largest bathroom sinks I’ve seen in an Airstream and I’d like to keep it. Why Airstream put in a pink tub with a white sink is beyond me. Considering some of the other Airstream factory issues Dave has found, it shouldn’t be surprising.

I grew up with a white 1958 Cadillac. My Dad bought it second-hand from a car lot in West Palm Beach in ’62 or ’63. He loved that car and so did I. Mom hated driving “the Queen Mary” as she would say.

Our Caddy was big, the trunk huge, the seats comfortable, and the ride smooth. Long trips never bothered us, as long as Dad drove. Elvis had white Cadillacs too. His 1960 Fleetwood Limo had forty coats of exterior paint.

Elvis owned a triple white 1974 Fleetwood Brougham that was one of his favorites. You can find more of Elvis’s Cadillacs at

Currently I’m planning for a pink, black, gray, and white color scheme for this Airstream’s bath. For those of you rooting for a pink bathtub, well, I’m sorry to tell you but I’m choosing white. In the long term white will be more flexible if I choose to change up the decor.

I like pink and I like white. If it’s a Cadillac, I will be happy either way.

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