Holey Moley

This is most of hardware taken off the exterior skin of Elvis. He had more jewelery than Jezebel. All served a purpose at one time or another. For instance, the Coffman’s used the trailer extensively in hot sunny locations like central Florida and the Texas coast. The large assortment of brackets supported the A&E awning and the aluminum streetside awning. All very necessary features for beaming ultraviolet protection.Now with the hardware stripped off, there are a number of holes.

I really want to keep as much of Elvis’s original skin as possible. So far, the only skin that has been replaced is the panels over the wheel wells. Each window drip cap and the door eyebrow will be fabricated to replace severely bent ones full of screw holes. Plans right now are for creative repair of the remaining skin blemishes. Elvis will have a few extra strategically placed rivets as reminders of former life.

I’m cool with that.

We all have scars, some physical and some emotional, that bear evidence as to what we have been through. But none detract from the essence that is the soul.

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