Parting Shots

Saturday evening was spent with the Makel’s at Devil’s Backbone Brewery. This locally-owned establishment is nearly right across the street from the Makel’s home. It was a fine mix of folks from all walks and backgrounds. Live music by Jason Ring and we had a front row seat. This guy can play anything with strings and play it well. Everything from blues to bluegrass to classical. Quite a talent and worth hearing if you get a chance.

Leaving the cabin this afternoon was bittersweet. I will miss the million dollar view from the cabin screen door and the bubbly sound of the Tye river running by my Airstream.

Ms. Lu had enjoyed rare freedom to run free and do what dogs do best.
Relaxing in this beautiful valley has been a privilege. There is an ancient widsom within these hills that has been all but lost to some. But it is still here. If you become still, it will come to you.
But I’ll travel down the Blue Ridge Parkway towards Highland Haven Airstream Park and see what’s over the next hill.