It Must Be An Omen

A good omen. It seems I’m hearing Elvis everywhere I go. I’ve just walked into the Java Depot just outside Nellysford, VA. “Heartbreak Hotel” is streaming from the ceiling speakers. When traveling I tend to flip through radio stations like some channel surf. More then a couple of times I ran into Elvis singing on the radio. I’ve caught everything from alternative to bluegrass. Tunes like “You bring the weed and I’ll bring the wine” or “If I give my soul to Jesus maybe she’ll let me stay”. You gotta love it.

I pulled into my home for the next few nights just before the sun slipped behind the mountains. I have some very generous and wonderful friends who are letting me camp at their family cabin nestled in the foothills near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Tye River runs just yards from the front door. It’s only a short trip to Trailer Buff from here. I had plenty of light to set up, introduce Ms. Sugarfoot to the new smells around the property, and relax in front of the Tradewind while listening to the sounds of the country. The scent of sweet newly mown hay lingers in the air.

I catch the sun’s last light as it slipped behind the peaks of the Blue Ridge. This morning the sight was equally as captivating. The sun is shining and it’s a sparkling clear day. A delicious breeze is blowing.

 Kicked back in my vintage lawn lounger, I drank my morning coffee while listening to the Tye River’s bubbly music. I know “almost heaven” is West Virginia’s claim. Right now, Virginia IS heaven.

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