Forty-Pound Twins

Elvis is still waiting patiently for his turn in the building at Trailer Works. It shouldn’t be long now before work starts. In the meantime, I’ve started purchasing some of the essentials like aluminum LPG tanks. When Vintage Trailer Supply recently offered free shipping on their Worthington’s, I couldn’t pass them up. Here they are, like twin aluminum towers just waiting to take on a shine.

Vintage Trailer Supply came through with two beautiful 40 lb. tanks free of gouges and ugly defects. These will polish up nicely and sit proudly on Elvis’ tongue. I ought to be able to boondock for a good while with these babies! I’ll be heading up to Trailer Buff in late July with the tanks to be included with Elvis’ polishing job.

The Tradewind is still taking care of me during the wait. I just got back yesterday from DeSoto State Park in Ft. Payne, AL. Usually rare in a state park setting, this one has huge sites, full hookups, cable TV service, and WiFi hotspots if you desire. Camping in a heat index exceeding 102 isn’t necessarily enjoyable, but being out and away in the Airstream makes up for the inclimate shortfall.

The Little River Canyon runs just south of the park. It made for a nice drive in the comfort of the air-conditioned truck cab.

It is one of the deepest canyon systems east of the Mississippi. The 14,000 acre preserve extends over twenty miles down the middle of Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama.

The view from my Airstream door was another Airstream; a Bambi DWR newly owned by two of the nicest new-to-Airstreaming people from Illinois. Sunday morning brought time well spent talking with another Airstreaming couple and their traveling buddies. As luck would have it, we ended up on I-59 together on the way to Chattanooga. A spontaneous mini-caravan; a 2002 Safari, followed by the Jayco, and my 1960 Tradewind as the caboose. After traveling about 30 miles we waved vigorously to each other while parting at the I-24/75 split.

It’s just the natural course of events. If you’re camping and find another Airstreamer, you’ve found another friend.

To all my caravanning friends heading to the International in Madison ~ Godspeed, be safe, and have lots of fun!

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