Chasing Rainbows

Last Friday, a rough day at work, major traumas, a late start on the road, sunshine overshadowed by dark clouds, crazy drivers, wrecks on the interstate. I gotta get to the Georgia Springstream Rally.
Just as I emerged from the Ocoee Gorge the sun shone from behind me casting early evening gold towards the east. To my amazement a rainbow appeared before me. I could swear the end of the rainbow was touching down in Lake Chatuge at the campground where I was heading. I followed this rainbow almost all the rest of the way. Then a hard rain settled in.
I arrived at the Georgia Mountain Fairground around 7:30PM, pouring rain, nasty, sloppy, and a nightmare for setting up camp in red Georgia clay. This is a time when one is glad to be part of the wonderful world of Airstreaming. First, Jim, who I have never met before, came out of his ’87 345 Classic MoHo with an umbrella and a smile. Jim and Regina were my neighbors and now they are friends.

 Then Tom and Becky, who I’ve rallied with before, arrived before I’d even unhitched. They had another umbrella, a lantern, a cocktail shaker, and a glass for a watermelon margarita made just for me. With friends like this, facing site set-up in the pouring rain is a walk in the park! Every bit of the stress of the day melted away like butter in the sun.

The Springstream was another great AIRforums rally. Here’s a slideshow. Click on it if you want to view a larger show in Picasa. There were more than Airstreams. We had a fully restored to original Wally Byam Holiday and a vintage VaKashunEtte complete with vintage tow vehicle. Very cool to say the least. And Lewis, who owns a California ’55 Flying Cloud (yes, we are whale tail brethern, Frank) was there with a Bargman tail light and the galley exhaust fan cover. That’s the spirit. If you can’t bring the whole thing, bring what you can.

We had better weather than we expected. When the rains came in again last night it was gentle. Raindrops on aluminum sing a most soothing lullaby. I slept like a baby. Leaving this morning was hard to do. I’m hoping the next rainbow that I get to chase will be to Virginia to see Elvis. Hopefully, Elvis will be undergoing his makeover before long.

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