Visitation Day at the Lockup

I arrived at Trailer Buff about 6PM Sunday, March 29th, en route to the Cherry Blossom Rally. How kind Dave and Martha are to let me courtesy park in the drive. Of course, before doing anything more than pulling in, I had to find Elvis.

There he was, exactly where we left him. He is still patiently waiting his turn. With the gates closed he pretty much looks incarcerated. I had to view him behind bars. Check out the open slot in the gate like you see in prison cells for sliding food trays and whatnot through to the inmates.

Elvis is safe and no worse for the waiting. Leaving the Tradewind hitched to the truck, all I did was level, stabilize, connect to shore power, and I’m good to go for the night. There will visiting hours in the morning.

The next morning I shot a few pics and talked with the Makels. We didn’t go into great detail. I needed to get on the road. But floors and Zolatone was part of the conversation. I’ve pretty much settled on cork floors for Elvis. Color choice still needs to be made. I’ve seen cork in other Airstreams and it looks fabulous. Plus, there may be a bit of extra floor insulation value in cork. It doesn’t seem to conduct temperature like marmoleum or even wood. It’s also a low profile flooring, at least based on the samples I saw.

I found some examples of the original Zolatone in Elvis under the kitchen sink area. It’s a battleship gray-green base with cream and dark gray speckles. Kind of hard to see in the shot, but that’s it. This color can be duplicated. That’s the direction I’m leaning . . . for now. Color choice is subject to change.

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