Ten Thousand Miles

This is the first image I saw of my Tradewind nearly 3 years ago.
When the deal was final, I didn’t even know I was buying it on Wally Byam’s birthday, July 4.

Tonight when reviewing some records I realized I had traveled 10,000 towing miles with Elvis’s “little brother” Tradewind. To be exact, 10,037 miles. Not bad for an unrestored near-50 year old trailer. Yes, there is some serious rust in a rear crossmember, a continuing variety of plumbing problems, body panels that aren’t all completely perfect, a quirky Klixon valve fridge and an old Bowen water heater that blows out in a stiff wind But this little Tradewind rocks! It’s my first Airstream and is keeping me happy while Elvis has his makeover. I am truly thankful for all the good times, all the friends, and all the joy it has brought to my life.

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