Life After the CBR

I needed some downtime. Paul Waddell invited me to take advantage of courtesy parking at their place. He tempted me with promises of peace, quiet, and creek side parking. I wanted to go back to the Shenandoah Valley anyway. Why not at Paul and Mary Kim’s? I was the last one out at the CBR. Dark clouds were looming to the west. While I was hitching the rain settled in. On to Paul and Mary Kim’s.

Paul set me in the driveway with the creek curbside. I planned on staying just three or four days. They took me everywhere from Front Royal to Winchester, introduced me as “the woman living in our driveway”, and gave me a delicious taste of life in the lower Shenandoah Valley.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Shenandoah. I love the Valley, especially in the spring. Seeing wildflowers I’d not seen in years was like meeting up with old friends. Walking in the Waddell’s woods by the Shenandoah River was a real treat.
I even went up with one of Paul’s hot air balloon flights. It is an experience well worth its weight in gold.
Talk about peace and quiet, there is nothing like it. Noiseless flight except for the occasional blast of the burner. Check out Blue Ridge Hot Air Balloons at Paul is a very conscientious, vigilant, and safe balloon pilot. I would trust him with my life and would recommend booking a flight with Paul to anyone.
Easter was a gloriously beautiful day. Virginia and I had dyed eggs together a couple of nights before. Mary Kim and I had a ball hiding them for her. She is a precious, gifted, good-hearted child wise beyond her years.

A few days turned into a full week. They are the most gracious hosts one could ever hope for. And I’m proud to call them good friends. I left the Waddells’ on April 13 and headed towards Natural Bridge Kentucky for the AIRforums Dogwoods and Bluegrass Rally. Only one week left for Airstreaming. Gotta make it count.

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