Checking on Elvis

Ms. Lulu Sugarfoot and I were thoroughly enjoying valley life while at the Waddell’s. So instead of relocating south in Trailer Buff driveway, I gave the Makel’s a call. I was less than two hours away should we need to meet. Dave assured me that we didn’t have to make any serious decisions where I would need to be present before I returned to the valley.

Right now, it looks like work on Elvis will start sometime in May. Much of the initial job will be taking Elvis apart, piece-by-piece. Frame repair and reinforcement is what it is. I have complete faith that Dave will do a rebuild better than what came from the factory. Rewiring will include four 20-amp circuits. At this point we don’t see any reason to wire for more than 30 amps shore power. I plan to get back to Trailer Buff by July if not sooner. Looks like many of my camping trips this year will be in their driveway.